Arvind Tone (ArDRoxz) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Arvind Tone (ArDRoxz) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More



This era is an era of online content. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime and it can go on and on. Live streaming, web-series, movies, OTT platforms - are the common buzz words floating around. If presenting content satisfactory enough and in a way satisfactory enough to lure and awe-strike the audience is a challenging task, you can only imagine how gigantic a challenge creating quality content is. And this austere art of YouTube content-making is what our craftsman specializes at. Meet Arvind Tone, a miraculous content creator, and actor. Another trend which is spreading rapidly and gaining exceptional popularity, especially among young blood is VINES. And our very and multi-talented Arvind Tone aces these Vines too.
With so many crafts packaged into one, Arvind demands serious attention and consideration. You must get set for some mind-blowing acting and rib-tickling vines and some thought-provoking and soul-stirring quality content developed by this cool artist.

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The amazing Arvind was born to a patriotic and proud ex-army man, Bhimrao Tone, and a very pious and loving lady, Jayshri Tone 9.1.1999 Sangli, Maharashtra. Arvind's magical childhood was further gladdened by his pretty and sweet little sister Pratiksha Tone who was a major and active part of his golden childhood. Arvind has tasted primary and secondary education from a variety of sources and his schooling was distributed among many schools which include Varnali Marathi school, Sangli, KV Sikh lines, Meerut (U.P,), KV Nasirabad (Rajasthan), KV Dimapur, Nagaland, and KV no.1 Amritsar (Punjab). Arvind was clear about his objective. Acting and media was his field and that is what he chose for graduation. He pursued his Bachelor Of Mass Media from Mumbai University, Maharashtra. And thus, were laid the seeds of a great actor and content creator.

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Arvind has a huge and towering built instilling awe and commanding respect. This crazy artist is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs a healthy 73 kg. Not fond of tinkering with his god-given body, he abstains from getting tattooed. He has dark black eyes and thick and thick and lovely black hair. Arvind is a Capricorn and unfortunately, that is all that is known about this rising star. And one last news (Particularly good for lovely ladies) - He is still single.

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Acting has always been one of the chief motivations of Arvind and he began quite early. His earliest exposure to acting was theatre, which he started in his Viva college in 2016. Immediately, he clicked as an actor and won the hearts of many. It was not long before he got his break in the small-screen.
Arvind then went on to act in many Marathi serials like "Mazya navryachi Bayko" on Zee Marathi, "Saajanaa" on Zee Yuva, "Year Down" on Sony Marathi and a few more. Then, in 2020, came crashing into his life, the lockdown. While most of us were busy breaking our heads over the boredom and getting anxious, Arvind had different plans. He decided to make the best of this time and converted this challenge into an opportunity. He started making quality content and videos on Instagram and YouTube. He became an instant hit and his fan following boomed. And currently he was more than 157k+ followers in Instagram.

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To know Arvind better, gaining some lighter and informal information is a must. He draws inspiration from a variety of actors and among them, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Vidyut Jamwal, Ranveer Singh, and Ranbir Kapoor enthrall him the most. Among actresses, Isha Talwar, Bhumi Pednekar, Deepika Padukone, and Shraddha Kapoor make his heart skip and impress him the most. Our actor and content creator has a special liking for food and Indian, Italian as well as Chinese cuisines. The mysterious black and intense red are his favorite colors. Yeh jawani hai deewani(Favourite), Avengers (all parts), Gangs of Wasseypur (1&2), 3 idiots, Raanjhanaa and Zindagi na milegi Dobara are some of the movies which have left a deep impact on his life. Money heist, DARK, NARCOS, Mirzapur, Kota Factory, Flames and College Romance are some of the web-series which have touched his heart and enriched his life. He enjoys traveling and visiting places. In Mumbai, Marine drive is the best place to spend his time. He is always fascinated by mountainous regions and loves the calm and stillness of a silent beach. He dreams of visiting Ladakh and Kullu-Manali someday. Traveling, night outs, parties, making V-logs,  hang out with friends are some of the delightful pastimes which make up Arvind's life.

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According to Arvind, he is a very chill guy who is into a donation and all. He looks forward to help people in need. He loves making people happy and putting a smile on their lips. Our artistic actor shares that he has a very bad habit of biting off his nails. However, he adds, currently, he has very short nails. Also, he has an unhealthy habit of staying up until very late at nights and waking up very late in the mornings. Arvind is not afraid of the truth. He is ready to listen to any truth no matter how bitter it might be. However, he absolutely abhors liars. He confesses that he was very innocent and simpleton up till 8th standard in school. Then, he underwent a sea change and turn really naughty and a prankster.

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Realistic as reality, this wonder acts
That he acts to inspire - is a known fact
Quality genuine content, he regularly creates
Art as worship, this artist celebrates
He delivers regularly, funny, bone-ticking vines
Gladdens our mood, this artist extremely fine
So many features, is combined into one
This multi-talented pro is a sun of a gun
He is creative, he is funny, he is genius and smart
Behold the awesome Arvind, a blast of the art

And thus, we come to the end of a description of a very promising upcoming start. We can only wait and watch and behold this sensation grow from a strong flame to untameable lava which shall explode, rise, and conquer all the territory in the hearts of our audience.

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