Aristocrat hiking rucksack backpack review

Aristocrat hiking rucksack backpack review

Aristocrat hiking rucksack backpack review

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Product description:

Colour: Grey.

Superior Durable Fabric 3 Compartments 17" Laptop Compatible Adjustable Shoulder and Waist Straps Extra Comfort Construction Secure Hidden Compartment Additional Spacious Utility Pocket.


  • Aristocrat backpack 45l backpack is enough for a week-long trip, and the quality is not bad either
  • Good quality rucksack bags with a huge number of chains, it is a replacement of trolly bag for travel, best hiking backpacks Value for money, go for it 
  • A very spacious traveling bag for a week's luggage. Meets the size of cabin baggage. The best part is the shoe compartment at the base. It mainly consists of three sections and a front pocket too. The back section is for the laptop middle section for your clothes and other stuff. The front section is the utility section. Apart from this, there is a front pocket to keep handy things. Comfortable for the back, too. Looks of good built quality or we can say small hiking backpack.
  • Lightweight hiking backpack, very good quality for the price. Looks neat and can pass for a regular backpack as opposed to a hiking one or a backpack-suitcase (like the amazon basics one)
  • Comfortable to carry on one's back even when fully stuffed
  • Has very good side pockets that can take a 1-liter water bottle on each side
  • It can easily carry 10-15 kg.
  • Has very good side pockets that can take a 1-liter water bottle on each side


  • It's divided into 2 parts, upper and lower. You can't keep substantially anything in the lower part which is the bottom of the bag. N if you haven't filled the bottom of the bag, the upper portion of the bag will be heavy because of things from the middle, so it will be really painful when you carry it on your shoulder coz weight is not equally divided and exerting huge pressure on your back. Don't go for it at all irrespective of you Wanna use it for trekking or normal travel.
  • There is very thin padding at shoulders, and my shoulders are hurting like anything. Just to tell you I am a solo backpacker and have been on 15+ trips. But investment in this bag was totally wasted! If you can't carry your backpack, then what is the use of looks and pockets. Just sharing so at least others can save their money and have a good traveling experience.
  • The Warranty card was not included in the package. After 1st use ( I put approx 6kgs) in the bag and traveled for 2 days the waist trap stitches came out. I am sure after 5-6 uses it will be useless. Since the warranty card was not given not sure how to reach out for repair and replacement.
  • No stitches for the back strap. I stitched and glued.
  • Durability is very poor. Used once and the zip is very poor quality and stitches came out. Further can't use. Worst quality, even worse than a local brand.
  • Its zip got defective on first use. Unnecessarily tightened whereas there is a provision of extension.
  • Useful for 3 to 4 day's trip or trekking. Material quality and the look are premium but stitches quality is very poor, stitches start getting out in just 2 times of use.
  • Size is better, but the quality of stitches is not proper also outer material of the bag is thin.expected the way better quality from the brand like VIP.?


  • It can easily carry 10-15 kg.
  • Quality is good, but not a premium.
  • Dedicated laptop section.
  • Sufficient sections.
  • Feels heavy when empty.
  • Not for daily recommended for travel.
  • Only one section for clothes(a big one).
  • If your purpose is a heavy item carrier, go for it. In this price segment, it's best.

Que: Aristocrat hiking rucksack backpack is waterproof?

Ans: No.

 Que: Aristocrat hiking rucksack backpack is a  backpack for college?

Ans:  Yes.​​​​​​​

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