Are Phoebe Bridgers & Paul Mescal Engaged? Heres the most recentv.

Are Phoebe Bridgers & Paul Mescal Engaged? Heres the most recentv.

Although Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers' relationship may have begun on Instagram, they are a notoriously secretive pair. The two have kept their relationship a secret for their two years together, to the point that people have been speculating if they secretly got engaged and decided not to disclose it for months. Early in November, a publication reported that the famous couple was engaged; however, it later withdrew the claim, and neither Mescal nor Bridgers have acknowledged it. This led to a spike in rumours. So, have Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers been playing a joke on everyone or are they genuinely engaged? The reason the rumours persist is as follows.
After The Guardian's feature of Mescal on November 6 initially stated the couple was engaged, rumours that Mescal and Bridgers had taken the next step in their relationship exploded. The startling tidbit was buried in the heart of the narrative, yet it was more than enough to whip up a frenzy among fans. A parenthesis was added after the actor announced his intention to stop using social media in 2021, claiming that Bridgers, whom he met when he was quite active on Instagram, is now his fiancée. That statement was later corrected to read as follows: "An previous version stated that Paul Mescal and Phoebe Bridgers were now engaged; while this was reported elsewhere, it has not been officially verified by the couple." Therefore, the couple's followers were once more left in the dark with only rumours of a covert engagement and no confirmation.

Anyone who has been following Mescal and Bridgers' relationship is familiar with this emotion. There have been whispers going around for months that they had been secretly engaged. The rumours that Bridgers was referring to Mescal as her fiancé over Coachella weekend first surfaced in tabloids back in April. When asked about the rumours in a June interview with The Guardian, Bridgers made a point of not contesting their veracity but also refrained from disclosing her romantic status.
The history of Mescal and Bridgers' romance has been like something out of a fairytale. In the midst of the global lockdown in 2020, the two started flirting on Twitter and Instagram. They were seen hanging out in Ireland once it was safe to travel again, and Mescal even appeared in Bridgers' 2020 music video for the song "Savior Complex." In November 2021, they finally made their romance public by showing up together at a red carpet event.

It should not be surprising that they have kept their alleged engagement from fans given their propensity for seclusion. Although neither Mescal nor Bridgers have officially acknowledged it, it now appears to be a very well-kept secret, so everyone can begin daydreaming about their low-key, incredibly beautiful nuptials. I can see a bridal gown embellished with skeletal bones.

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