Ankita Malik Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Ankita Malik Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

A sensational Senora in the town – Introduction

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Creative, meaningful content and extraordinary thinking can change anything. INFOSAURS cites the hottest, most talented and beautiful woman, Ankita Malik. She is a popular vlogger on Instagram and is disseminating the rights to equality knowledge among all kinds of people. She is bolstering both men and women to wear whatever they want without being judged. Ankita is blessed to have a father, brother, and spouse who always reassure her and believe in what she does.

Are you interested in learning more about Ankita? Read below.

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Growing Up, Relationships, and Education

Ankita was born on August 31, 1992. She grew up in Ranchi and attended the D.A.V. public school there. She went to college at Sri Balaji College to acquire a bachelor of information technology degree. She is the older sister of Apurva Sarwajit (brother) and the daughter of Kameshwar Singh (father) and Kanchana Prabha (mother).

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Journey, Net Worth, and Upcoming Projects

Ankita has always been a fearless individual, since she started out on Instagram with a goal of spreading a message that both women and men have the right to wear whatever they want without being judged. Early on, her clothing choices elicited negative attention from several people. However, this did not stop Ankita, but rather motivated her to continue spreading her message as she got more and more daring with her outfits - all while still showcasing fierce style!

After this, Ankita Malik began receiving direct messages from her fans on Instagram, commenting on how well she had engaged with people in the industry and shared such powerful insights for potential influencers. She was delighted to know that her content motivated so many people and changed their perspectives about following the traditional life structure of getting married-it encouraged them to follow their dreams despite whatever society told them otherwise.

Ankita’s changes the thinking of the people who still believe that after marriage, life changes completely. However, it isn’t always true... Well, she is focusing on her upcoming projects, whose names have not been disclosed yet. Her net worth is currently between 12-15 crores. To follow her, visit her Instagram page (@itsankitamalik).

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Height, Body Shape, and Tattoos

The height of Mrs. Malik is 5 feet 3 inches and her weight is 52 kilograms. Her body shape is 32-26-34 with a well-proportioned figure, black hair, and hazel eyes. Tattoos on her inner thighs are also another feature of this amazing beauty!

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Nickname, Spouse, and Desires

Ankita Malik (nicknamed "Appy") is a 30-year-old vlogger. She is the gorgeous wife of a loving and caring husband named Manav Malik, who's also a broad-minded and loving person. Ankita and Manav had a strange meeting. They met by chance on a flight, became attracted to each other, and eventually dated for 5 years. Then they tied the knot in February 2020 in Goa, a wonderful destination wedding. 

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What Ankita Loves & Likes

Ankita favorite colors are blue and black. Japanese Sushi is the food that she delights in eating. She is also fond of watching web series - strange things and a movie rock my heart (Netflix). A peculiar lady has a peculiar hobby: horse riding. She is keen on traveling to Hawaii. The best place for her to live is Gurgaon.

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Some Unknown But Interesting Facts About Ankita

Ankita loves horse riding. She even had a horse named Julie in her farm, but Julie died as a result of colic disease. However, Ankita is happy to say that she’s planning on getting two new horses that will be arriving soon. One of Ankita’s best qualities is being a great listener, along with being considerate and cool-tempered, so people can confide in her anytime they need someone to talk with. An ideal vlogger always knows that you have to know how to live your life to the fullest. You also have to know how to accept yourself just as you are!

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Soft-Hearted Ankita’s Juvenile Memory

Ankita used to pick up stray dog puppies that she found on the city streets and bring them home to keep as pets without letting her parents know about it. Her younger brother was always joining in on her fun adventures, no matter how silly they might have been!

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Closing Up

Ankita herself is a multi-talented individual. She is rapidly stepping ahead with her powerful content and posts on social media. The most adorable celebrity is also going to feature in some ensuing projects. A beautiful, intelligent, and lighthearted woman is the talk of social media today.

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