Animesh Agarwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Animesh Agarwal Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Let's Start Reading Him - Introduction

"The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action," - Alexander Graham Bell.

This quote could be a life-changer if you try to understand its real meaning. Success and failure both are part of life, the only thing we need to do is take proper action without presuming much about the consequences. Today INFOSAURS is presenting a gentleman whose journey started three years back, and he is now imminent to his desirable intentions. He is a social media marketer, Animesh Agarwal. Now without creating any apprehension, let’s jump into his biography.

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Brightening Up The Route of His Step ( Childhood, Upbringing, Family, and Education)

Animesh Agarwal was born on March 10, 1997, in Islampur city, situated in the West Bengal state of India. He's been called Ani by his near and dear ones and is popular on social media as Digital Baniya. He has attended Good Shepherd School, The Scholar, and Bal Mandir Senior Secondary School, and after that, he enrolled at the University of Calcutta for his degree. Mr. Kedar Nath Agarwal and Mrs. Santoshi Agarwal are his parents who always cheer him and encourage him in every circumstance. Animesh grew up sharing a special bond with his brother Lokesh Agarwal. His Zodiac sign is Pisces. He was a naughty guy during his childhood, sharing a memory of his childhood Animesh says - " once I had bunked the school to watch a movie with my friends."  Memories remain in our hearts forever, true line indeed.

A Glimpse of His Looks

Animesh stands at the height of 5.8 ft. and has 65 Kg. of body weight which resembles his perfect body. His black eyes and black hair enhance his attractive looks. In a well-maintained body and engaging character, his excellent grin is the cherry on the cake.

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How the Spark Turned into Fire - Career

He started his journey as a social media marketer after being inspired by Digital Pratik (Insta name). Animesh used to watch the videos of Digital Pratik when he used to go live on his car and by this, he got motivated and started learning digital marketing skills. Saurav Jain has played an important role in his inspirational journey. Also, he enrolled in some paid and free courses to intensify his skills and gain some knowledge. The intention was strong and the aim was clear. He started working as a freelance and worked with more than 50 brands/influencers/small businesses. Doing this much at such a young age is not a cup of tea. After that, he thought of creating his own page on Instagram and created it on April 11, 2020, to build his own brand and he earned more than 10k followers in just 1 year and 2 months. He has also helped more than 500 people through social media. He is a hardworking guy and this was not enough for him so, he along with his two best Instagram friends, Shubham Jain and Priyadarshini Pandey has launched their social media marketing agency named Idioticmarketing.

Social Media Marketing Agency.

Website link -

Instagram Account-

Personal social media handles;

Instagram- (11k+ followers)




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To Scan Him Inside-Out - Informalities

Animesh is just 24 years old and has become a spur for various people. Many people get inspired by others but it takes strong willpower to move on the path to achieve what you are dreaming. Apart from his regular work, he is also fond of creating memes and he has his meme page on Instagram - where he has more than 5000+ followers. He loves playing with kids which somewhere reveals his enthusiastic nature. Very few people know that Animesh is an investor in the stock market and he is a teacher. He believes life is all about mind and matter, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. He prefers reading self-help books about business and finance in his free time, he definitely holds an inspiring nature. Animesh dreams of being one of the most successful digital entrepreneurs in India and his efforts and hard work are the proof of his strong plan.  He supposes speaking so much is his most useless talent and he is very good at making friends and personal relations with people which he believes is his good habit. He keeps Hrithik Roshan and Anushka Sharma at the top of his favorite actors' list. He enjoys eating PaniPuri, Momos, and Pizza. Talking about his Favourite color and movies, he loves the purple color most, and Phir Hera Pheri, 3 Idiots, Krish are some of his favorite movies, seems like he is a fan of comedy movies.  Mirzapur and Money Heist are the web series that he relishes the most. His travel destination is Goa. Animesh's future plans include handling social media sites of brands/influencers and working as PR. He never consumes drink or smoke, this might be the reason behind his fit and healthy body.

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Closing Words- Conclusion

Maintain your dreams, keep will power stronger

Surrender yourself to work, everyday little longer

What would you do in this selfish world?

Be into the path you are hurled.

Proceed slowly, because the proceeding is must

A malfunctioning machine is always environed by dust.

Terminating this blog with a powerful quote

Winners never quit and quitters never win- Vince Lombardi

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