Andi Matichak, the star of Halloween, is forever haunted by the 1978 opening scene.

Andi Matichak, the star of Halloween, is forever haunted by the 1978 opening scene.

Being behind a monster's eyes in John Carpenter's original "Halloween" from 1978 is one of the most recognisable moments in horror, and it's unlikely to ever fall out of the top five. In 1963, Michael attacked his older sister with his infamous weapon of choice before being taken away for 15 years to sit around, stew, and develop into an even more deranged killer. The wait was worthwhile.
When Michael ran amok, donned a Captain Kirk mask, and went to town on Haddonfield teenagers in "Halloween," it forever transformed the horror genre and devastated Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Now that the final instalment of the revived trilogy, "Halloween Ends," is about to be released, one of its cast members is still reflecting on the original with a sense of dread that won't seem to go away. Andi Matichak, who has so far survived her role as the lead in this new trilogy, shared a scene from the first night Michael returned home that has stuck with her ever since she saw it. The main uncertainty is whether Laurie and Michael's final confrontation will feature any scenes potent enough to rival it.
Matichak, who was at the "Halloween Ends" premiere, took a break to pay tribute to John Carpenter's groundbreaking work and her introduction to the Michael Myers universe. She remarked in an interview with Variety (via Twitter), "Honestly, the initial phase. The opening sequence was so shocking to me the first time I saw it since I had no idea what was going to happen." Even after 44 years, the thought of a killer—one who isn't even old enough to drive—hiding behind the eyes still sends chills down the spine and causes hairs to stand on edge. The idea that evil is so new and prevalent has left its imprint, and the young actress has just recently learnt to accept it. "And it's now scorched in my brain, and, regrettably, I just can't get it out," she said.
What, therefore, prompted Matichak, who plays Allyson Nelson, Laurie's granddaughter and the last of the Strode dynasty, to agree to three rounds of golf with Michael after being so terrified by the original? If this is who you're across, how can you say no? Matichak continued, addressing Jamie Lee Curtis, who played the role of Laurie Strode in the original last girl, who will make what may be her final appearance. Killer debate.

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