Ananya Raj Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Ananya Raj Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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In the dazzling constellation of the glamorous sky of acting, there are some stars which twinkle gloriously, beautifully, distinctly - standing out. Ananya is one of these rare distinctions. Beginning as a trend-setting and inspiring model and graduating on to a distinctive actress, her story is an eye-turner which demands attention for all the inspiration it offers. So, let us concede to this demand - Say hello to the noteworthy Ananya.

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Ananya Raj came into being on 22 October 1998, blessing and blissing the life of beloved mother Manju Gupta. The place was in Northern India. Her life was made merrier by younger siblings Rahul and Rohit. The siblings played, learned, and grew up in Mumbai - the renowned city of dreams. Ananya had her formative, primary, and secondary education in SV High School in Mumbai, a nurturing, warm, and empowering institute. After her high school, Ananya graduated from Patkar College under the very acclaimed University of Mumbai. By this time, the now 25-year-old Ananya was a mature human and also a terrific talent hungry to make a mark. She was just 18 when she met the opportunity of her life. More on it later

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Talented as she is, Ananya's baffling beauty is a trait one hardly misses. Slender and tall, at 5'7" she aces in her stature. Flaunting a perfect reading of 34C-26-36, and a strictly controlled 54 kgs, she is a picture of health and attractiveness. She has mesmerizing brown eyes which are matched by her silky brown hair. To sum it up, she is a true representative of beauty with brains, with beauty certainly overshadowing her beautiful mind. For zodiac maniacs among us, Ananya describes herself as the cusp of Libra and Scorpio.

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'Endearing' and 'Enchanting' are some words which do justice to Ananya. Nicknamed Angie, hers is a personality vibrant with colors. Being a serious and motivated actor, she cannot be untouched by the acting greats. Her most revered and admired actor is King Khan SRK. And among females, it is Zendaya Coleman who has won prestigious Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Among movies, the one she holds the highest is 'Lady Macbeth'. And then, 'Tokyo Girl' is her best web series.

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Ananya is no exception when it comes to the love for good food. Her most delicious option is Hummus and Pita Bread, which is a Turkish Platter. Moving to her other favorites, in the world of colours - her queen is 'Sky Blue'. Traveling is a state of complete un-shackling of our minds which is a wonderful treat to our perception. Ananya also enjoys traveling and in this sphere her celebrated destination is Scotland. And then, for settling and living forever, the place in her heart is reserved for Los Angeles. Hobbies and Pastimes can make our life richer. For Ananya, these are 1. Dancing & 2. Manifesting - Self-affirmations and visualizations which help dreams come true.

One thing that admirers never seem to get enough of is trivia and quirks about the artist. So, this is for them. Ananya calls herself a loner who derives strength from solitude. Parties do not interest her. She is quite choosy about the company she keeps, which consists of only those who really deserve her. She shares that she suffers from the issue of overthinking and this is not at all cool. About indulgences in her life. Smoking is out of question. As regards drinking, she tried it sometimes but hated the feeling. Ananya believes that to lead a happy life one should follow their passion and also live in the moment. Her great dream is to act in great biopics. That brings an end to trivia and we better focus on something greater- her glorious career.

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It was a tender age of 18, which saw Ananya venture into the bold profession of modeling. Lakme', Coca-cola, Lux, Samsung, Jabong, Uber, Amazon - every opportunity embraced her with open arms. And she reciprocated - Rocking and acing every time. Now, it was time to make it even bigger. Movies awaited her. In 2018, she debuted opposite Kunal Roy Kapoor in the movie 'Final Exit' which made many a critic-heads turn. In the very next year (2019), she appeared in a titular role in horror movie 'Ghost' produced by Vashu Bhagnani. The movie was very well received. Her most recent outing has been an Amazon Prime special Telugu cinema - "Thaggede Le'. Aside from movies, she has also performed in musical videos. Produced by Lilibet Pictures and released Zee Music Company, the song "Ghalib '' is also Ananya's directorial and producorial debut. Next in line for her in one Tamil movie and a web series called "High Dose".

Moving beyond Movies and Music Videos, Ananya is also a very familiar social media presence. Her social influence pans across FaceBook (Ananya Raj), Instagram (ananyaraj.official), Twitter (yourgirlananya), and other platforms.

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Hailing from the city of dreams
Passion of a Mumbaikar screams
As beautiful as brainy
An unbelievable combo it seems

The combo is Ananya Raj
A model with high class
Whose art and whose glamour
Are both leagues apart

Most elite of brands,
Who carries with a grace of swan
A phenomenon which sizzles
Ananya dazzles on and on

Also an actor, with finest of finesse
Ananya the charmer - never fails to impress

Her future seems bright
Bright as the very light
Remember her well - Ananya is the name
The lovely model-actress
Duly Destined for fame

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