Amy Aela Age, Weight, Height & Images

Amy Aela Age, Weight, Height & Images


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Actors impact the society by earnestly portraying the most beautiful and genuine emotions experienced by us, both individually and as a society. Models mesmerize everyone by showcasing beautiful brands, utilities, and other services and how these have positively impacted their own gorgeous persona. Business is altogether a different ball game. It is the art and skill of generating wealth and also employment and in a way benefitting the entire society and country. Today, Infosaurs is bringing forward an unusually interesting personality who is an impressive blend of all the above mentioned arts. Amy Aela is an actor, model, social media influencer as well as a Business Expert (Marketing and Design) who is also utterly famous for her dazzling dance moves. Let us meet the Australian-Indian supermodel who amazes everyone with her flawless enchantment, dashing dance moves, and revolutionary fashion sense.

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Amazing Amy was born on 19 April in Allahabad in a loving Indian family. Her naughty, nourishing, and wholesome childhood was spent in Allahabad itself where she grew up joyful and merry. After her schooling, she enrolled in Edith Cowan University from where she earned her Bachelor of Marketing with Minors in Photomedia. And since then, she has never looked back and has enamored millions of people with her prowess, skill, and beauty. Amy has her close family in India and her parents currently reside in Australia.

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Amy Aela is a beguiling beauty who is straight from the heavens. She has a spotless and radiantly fair complexion which glows up her face. Her squarish face with supple cheeks and plump and pretty lips, her hazel and hypnotic eyes, beautifully done eyebrows and lovely, long, brown, and beautiful hair are the key attractions of her extraordinarily magnetic face. Amy is 5'6" tall and she is  55 kg. With a perfectly proportionate and toned healthy body, her very being oozes out charms and a glamour impossible to resist. She is a picture of health and fitness and is undoubtedly an incomparable beauty.

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This is about a sensational actor In her late 20s. Amy is a prolific woman who has recently ventured into acting in India and has won praises of all. Back in Australia, she has established her career in Marketing and Design which she masterfully manages online, while in India she focuses on her awesome acting. Although already a sensation in Australia, her fame further boomed with her explosive entry to Instagram. With her fashionable and enviable outfits and jaw-dropping modeling photos, she caught everyone's eyes and in no time, she had amassed a huge following of nearly 1 million! This fiery actor has carved quite a niche for herself with her viral promotional video with Yo Yo Honey Singh and Nushrat Bharucha. A viral video song called 'Saiyaanji' has set the internet on fire crossing 3 million views and clinching 46k+ likes.


In the dance, Amy coordinates wonderfully with Nushrat and the combination turns out amazing. Another breath-taking dance performance on the popular song "Paani Paani" which went viral online. In another impressive video, Amy can be seen coaching and guiding the legendary dancer Madhuri Dixit with a few moves for "Dance Deewane". Apart from Instagram, YouTube is another place where Amy keeps inspiring.


​​​​​​​Her YouTube channels enjoy some 80k+ loyal subscribers. Her social media platform regularly creates and offers unique and fun content which are extremely entertaining. With her rare talent and relentless hard work, she is already worth more than 1 crore coming largely from her acting work, Instagram, business, and the stock market. In near future, she is lined up with quality projects, some of which are MaydayGovindaKingmakers (Disney Hotstar) & Cancer Bitch (Sony Liv).

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Sweet Amy is Aries. This winsome woman is fondly called 'Billa' by her near and dear ones. She always enjoys quality movies and also evolves from their inspiration. Her favorite movies (the best movie is one top) are InceptionPans Labyrinth, Love Actually, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and Pakeezah. The following are her Top10 web series:

- Silicone Valley

- Seinfeld

- Family Man

- Schitts Creek

- Game of Thrones

- Black Mirror

- Coffee in Cars with Comedians

- Suits

- Rick and Morty

- True Detective

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Irrfan Khan and Tabu are actors who have impacted her the most. Food is a great indulgence and Amy never shies away. Her favorite is the queen of Indian street food, Pani Puri. Traveling is also joyful and her preferred destination would be Rishikesh. For residence, Amy prefers Mumbai. Dancing is a dear hobby of hers. Painting is something which comes very naturally to her. It relaxes her deeply. It is a strange fact that Amy feels scared of 'clusters of round objects'. Being a vegan, eating clean, and being kind to all are her great habits. Sleeping too much is her negative. Amy is health-conscious and so never touching smoke or alcohol. Her mantra for a happy life is simply to be kind. A sweet childhood memory of Amy is that she used to play with her pet chickens in her treehouse. Being a single child, Amy would always play with animals and keep herself amused by performing plays for her parents and family. She has a great love for animals and she wants to do everything in her power to help them. She has been a vegan for 16 years and she works closely with organizations to help animals in all possible ways. She believes that animals should not be hurt for clothing, entertainment, or food. Since humans have a choice, they should choose kindness. 

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Amy knows about her versatility in acting and wants to project it to the world. Hence, she dreams of doing movie roles which would allow her to explore her creativity as an artist. What was her inspiration to take up acting? She loves entertaining and especially doing comedy. Amy does not have any useless talents because she is one with the Midas touch. And as regards her romantic life, Amy was once married but is now single. Also, she has dated the cool director Behzad Khambata, but currently, these two are just good friends. Amy is now single and wishes to stay so.


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