Amy Aela Age, Weight, Height & Images

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Amy Aela Age, Weight, Height & Images


amy aela

A desi countryside bubbly charm, actually born and brought up in far west and thus packing both the rare countryside rustic attraction as well as the sophistication, glamour and modern fashion typical of the western world. Confused? What can that be? That is what the star INFOSAURS is going to introduce today is all about. Amy Aela is an Australian-Indian supermodel who amazes everyone with her flawless attraction, captivating dance moves, and impeccable sense of fashion.

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Amy Aela is a lovely desi-woman born on 19 April in Allahabad, U.P and brought up in the dream country of Australia. Her family has nick-named her Billa and Bushles. This breath-taking beauty has made headlines with her blazing dance moves and lovely performances.

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Awesome Amy is amply blessed with both rich Allahabadi beauty and refined Australian charms! A squarish face with soft and glowing skin, a pair of hypnotic hazel eyes, a cute roundish diamond-shaped nose, full and plush, and pink and full lips is a recipe for perfectly killer looks. Amy further sports stylish brown hair flowing down up to the back which are a picture of awe and perfection. Standing 5'6" tall and weighing just 53 kg, Measuring a gorgeous 35.5-25-33.5,  Amy is a picture of health and fitness and not to mention, unrivaled beauty.

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Right from a young age, Amy had a thing for heart-winning dancing and showmanship. Amy was told by her mom that as a little girl Amy used to gaze at the mirror and mimic dialogues and thus, she was getting camera-ready right from her childhood! She was always an effortless performer. School musicals, talent hunts, fashion shows - you name them and Amy shall be there. She was a born performer. As a little girl, she used to act in dramas while her cousin's brother played piano in the background. In her own words, "I started dancing professionally a few years ago when I joined a Bollywood dance school. That is when dance became an obsession." She has recently moved from Australia to India just at the beginning of this pandemic.


What took her so long? has an inspiring answer. Amy's mom has always taught her to be an independent and successful woman. So, she first wished to be recognized and accomplished before trying out Bollywood. So, she decided to immerse herself in her design and marketing career. Amy, who has the rich 10-year experience, guides brands in their marketing and brand strategy. She manages a successful luxury events business "Brisbane Fashion Runway" which is a platform for talented designers to advertise and showcase their extraordinary work. Being just 5 years old, this company has already risen like anything is counted among the 5 top fashion shows in Australia.


Though she was already a successful lady back in Australia,  her career kicked off as she caught on prominence in Instagram in 2017. With her fashionable outfits and jaw-dropping modeling photos, she quickly rose to fame and in no time had amassed a whopping 646k+ followers! This stylish actress had made quite some news for her viral promotional video with Yo Yo Honey Singh and Nushrrat Bharucha. The popular video song called 'Saiyaanji'  has taken the internet by storm and has over 3 million+ views and 46k+ likes! Amy dancing alongside Nushrat was greatly appreciated. Amy's vivacious moves, other-worldly charms, and engaging acting skills are what earn her colossal popularity. Another largely-viewed video that broke many records was the dance video "Evarura Aa pilla" where alongside Telugu Big Boss fame Mehboob Shaikh, Amy stunned everyone with her electrifying jab-like moves and irresistible elegance. This mind-boggling video has clocked an unbelievable 2 million+ views and 112k+ likes. Another scintillating dance performance on the song Afghan Jalebi was viewed over a million times.

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Another sensational video which saw tremendous response and support was Amy's dance on a song of none other than Nora Fatehi and Varun Dhawan. She shared the dance with Jahnvi Kapoor which was another sensational hit. In yet another video, Amy can be seen teaching legendary dancing queen Madhuri Dixit a few moves for 'Dance Deewaane'.

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Amy keeps adding beautiful videos and receives an overwhelming response on YouTube. Her YouTube handles 'Amy Aela' has some 38.6k+ subscribers. Apart from grabbing a few big-banner Bollywood projects in her kitty, these days Amy is busy prepping for her debut as a lead in an upcoming Telugu action-comedy movie, '100 crore' where she will be seen alongside Chetan Kumar.

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Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Akshay Kumar are some of her liked actors, while Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt are the actresses that impress her a lot. Her romantic inclination is reflected perfectly in her favorite movie, Ashiqui 2. Singing always soothes her soul and Arijit is best at it. She finds the 60's-era as the golden era for music and her favorite song from this era is "Aaj kal tere mere pyar ke charche" by Mohammed Rafi​​​​​​​. Dance, which is Amy's heart and soul, is what defines her life. Among dancers, Michael Jackson and Hrithik Roshan are admired by her. Vibrant and colorful Amy loves the colors black, blue and red. Despite being the epitome of fitness, she loves good food and is especially fond of chocolate. Amy, who has been a vegan for the last 16 years, believes in eating clean as it makes her feel good and does not mind having occasional dairy-free chocolates and ice-creams. But, she never keeps a count on calories. For being stress-free and positive, Amy advises all to do exercises they like. She loves either a 10 km walk or dancing. She feels that human bodies are designed to move and hence they should be kept that way.  She is also a sports-lover who is fascinated by Cricket, Football, and Badminton. The travel destination which throbs is definitely London. Apart from dance, which is the essence of her living, she delights in hobbies of photography and helping animals. She is a true animal-lover who always stands up for their cause. Finally, just for your info, this dancing magnetism is Aries as per the Zodiac.

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Delicately and demurely, the damsel dances
Suavely and sweetly, side-ways she glances
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Amy Aela beguiles, she's the queen of hearts
Instagram, YouTube and platforms other
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She's a perfect enchanter, who bewitches one and all
Amyla is an angel who is born to enthrall
She is a hypnotic artist, who amazes one and all
Amy Aela is a magnet, born to astound all

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