Amsterdam, New Why Dr. Greenes "ER" Ending Wont Appear in Max

Amsterdam, New Why Dr. Greenes "ER" Ending Wont Appear in Max

Even though the final season of New Amsterdam has only just begun, we are eagerly anticipating the next 12 episodes.

After all, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) was not in the best of situations at the beginning of the first episode because Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) had left him. The good news is that we can rule out one possibility: Max won't pass away. Max's future is hinted at by Eggold, executive producers David Schulner and Peter Horton, and they also explain why.
Mr. Ryan Eggold I had a lot of interest in that. I had a few ideas, and perhaps this or perhaps that would materialise. I was considering how we may conclude this tale that we have been sharing for so long. And towards the close of the previous season, David confided in me about an idea he had for what might have been the final scene, which really caught me off guard and I had not anticipated. I thought the notion was incredibly intelligent, incredibly heartfelt, and very characteristic of our show. And without a doubt, I can't reveal what that is on this Zoom without risking my job. However, it was very cool. And I was simply eager to finish the series. It's a fantastic notion and a truly enormous task.

Peter or David?

Peter Horton: He is absolutely correct.

David Schulner: Ryan said it up well.
In order to avoid duplicating the pilot, I'm going to presume it's not an auditorium scene.

The speaker shrugs.

Horton: That's a great concept. We'll invite Dr. Meritt back. He served as my persona.

Eggold: Oh yes, you must be brought back. One finale that came to mind was one where Max just sort of flies off in the hot air balloon while waving. They decided against that.

Or he clicks his heels collectively, Horton.

Eggold: Yes, and discovers upon waking in Kansas that everything was a dream.

Schulner: I guess the only thing I'll say is that we didn't want to kill off Max Goodwin, like Dr. Greene [Anthony Edwards] on ER, because we couldn't bear to think of a world without him. Even though the show is no longer on the air, I want to think that Max Goodwin is still doing good deeds because I don't want everything he stood for—that optimism and that hope—to be lost. Thus, he won't pass away. He won't pass away, and his cancer won't return.
If that would come up again, I was going to inquire.

It undoubtedly does, as it does for each cancer survivor, according to Schulner. Every year, the day of that scan is the most dreadful and nervous moment of your life.

He is currently handling it without Helen.

Horton: Good.

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