Amid the Brittany Aldean feud, Maren Morris might skip the CMAs.

Amid the Brittany Aldean feud, Maren Morris might skip the CMAs.

Even though her album Humble Quest is up for Album of the Year, country singer Maren Morris said she does not "feel comfortable" attending next month's Country Music Awards, weeks after her spat with conservative influencer Brittany Aldean made headlines.

"I'm incredibly honoured that my album has been recognised. However, I'm not sure if I feel at home there at the moment, the "Chasing After You" singer said in a recent interview that was released on Tuesday, September 20.
She went on to say that "so many people I love will be in that room, and maybe I'll make a decision around game time and go," but "as of right now, I don't feel comfortable going."

"Some nights are enjoyable," Morris added. Some days, I'm practically crawling out of my skin. I'm uncomfortable at certain occasions, thus I'm bad there. I'm kind of at ease with the idea of staying home."
Nearly a month after openly criticising Jason Aldean's wife for making transphobic comments on social media, Morris made her CMAs selection.
The social media sensation said in late August, "I'd really like to thank my parents for not altering my gender while I went through my tomboy era. I adore living the girlie life.
Morris left a critical remark beneath the offending post, expressing his displeasure with the influencer's evident transphobia although Brittany may love her girly life.

"Isn't it so simple to not be a scumbag human? The Grammy Award winner made a statement. Sell your clip-ins, Insurrection Barbie, and leave."
Since those fateful first posts, Morris and Aldean's feud has only gotten more heated, resulting in more social media jabs and even Brittany landing a prime-time interview on Tucker Carlson's nightly Fox News show, where the controversial host referred to the artist as a "lunatic" and a "fake country music singer."
Morris seemed to have taken Carlson's remarks in stride despite these publicly broadcast assaults. She started selling t-shirts with the Fox icon's comments printed on them, and the business ended up raising more over $150,000 for the GLAAD Transgender Media Program and Trans Lifeline, a crisis hotline for transgender persons.

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