Amazing wedding dress confessions from Nikki Bella

Amazing wedding dress confessions from Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella was not of the idea that brides should know exactly what they will be wearing months before walking down the aisle.

The former wrestler admitted to Brides magazine that "people are going to think I'm nuts." Thirty minutes before I was to walk down the aisle, I finally decided on my ceremony attire. Poor my mama!
The nice thing about being married is getting to embark on a fashion adventure, the "Total Bellas" star stated. "This is your chance to excel and shine. I sometimes think that some people hold back in real life because they are hesitant to express themselves in fashion. It's time to let your fear go when it's your wedding.
On the upcoming E! special "Nikki Says I Do," Nikki will present her potential wedding gown candidates. It's interesting to note that the podcast host admitted she actually purchased one of her outfits in 2018 while she was still engaged to John Cena.

I had two lovely dresses that I adored; however, they were intended for a different marriage. Nevertheless, they were my dream dresses, and I adore them. In order to test whether I could make them work, I brought them out," she added. "When brides start looking for the dress, they'll learn that what you wear says a lot about you as a woman. It has nothing to do with the person you're getting married to or the guests. It all depends on how you feel and what you've imagined for yourself. Those gowns were purchased for me.
Nikki was adamant about making everything appear classy in the end.

"My Nana has a wall of pictures of family weddings at her house, and I would always go and marvel at the wedding gowns of my great grandmothers. Their outfits really had this incredibly recognisable, classic quality, she added. "I always knew that I wanted to wear something on my wedding day that would make my grandchildren look at images of me and desire to wear it at any age," she said.

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