Alan Moore Has Criticism for Rorschachs Watchmen Fans

Alan Moore Has Criticism for Rorschachs Watchmen Fans

Comic book pioneer Alan Moore isn't keeping his opinions and sentiments about Rorschach fans to himself. The mastermind behind the celebrated superhero deconstruction spoke openly about Rorschach's unintended fanbase in a GQ interview.
At the height of the Cold War, a group of numerous superheroes are lured into a complex mystery in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' novel Watchmen. Rorschach, a fellow costumed explorer, looks into the death of the government-backed hero Comedian. Rorschach has emerged as one of Watchmen's most recognisable characters in the years following the original series' release, in part because of his unwavering morals and iconic black-and-white mask modelled after the famed psychological test. Nevertheless, although being admired by certain readers, Rorschach is also one of the most disparaged characters in the novel. Even Watchmen author Alan Moore has previously expressed surprise at Rorschach's appeal.
Moore has never shied away from speaking to Rorschach's supporters in the past, but a recent interview is giving him the chance to express himself clearly. Alan Moore spoke with GQ about his work and the highs and lows it has brought him. When talking about what Moore believes readers were taking away from his work, Watchmen is eventually brought up. Moore recalled feeling as though Rorschach would be viewed as a mocking figure. Moore acknowledges that despite giving the masked figure a "abhorrent personality," he was unaware that "some in the audience would find such a creature admirable." Moore even talks about how shocked he was to learn that Watchmen had a sizable right-wing following. Moore makes one of his most audacious claims when he claims that if his stories can be so misunderstood, "it does make you wonder what the point of doing it was."
Alan Moore's Opinions on the Rorschach With Watchmen, Mean Moore and Gibbons produced a comic that is incredibly intricate. Its characters exhibit serious weaknesses on a personal level that viewers rarely witness in classic superhero tales. Despite all the attention Rorschach receives, he has a few less than ideal qualities. He holds severely biassed opinions and has a binary, black-and-white worldview. Rorschach abuses convicts and reveres other people who are as violent and nihilistic, such as the Comedian. No matter what Alan Moore had in mind for the character, it seems that Rorschach fans interpret the character's depiction in Watchmen in a completely different way.

Everyone can have a distinct perspective on the same work of art due to its subjective character. Although Rorschach from Watchmen is neurotic, unpleasant, and downright cruel, many people admire him for his commitment to justice or his refusal to give in. Alan Moore is aware that some people regard his character as a heroic womaniser, but as the co-creator of Rorschach, it must be upsetting to see his creation so grossly misunderstood. No of the medium, nuance may sometimes be difficult to depict. Hopefully, Alan Moore's remarks will clarify the true nature of Rorschach's persona and put an end to the Watchmen controversy once and for all.

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