After the significant Avengers: Secret Wars news, MCU fans are feeling conflicted.

After the significant Avengers: Secret Wars news, MCU fans are feeling conflicted.

Avengers: Secret Wars, the movie that will conclude the MCU's adventurous Multiverse Saga, still has a while to go until it hits theatres. Thanks to Disney Plus's brand-new storytelling channels and Kevin Feige's high-flying zeal after the Infinity Saga, no genre was left unexplored.
But since the film will have to be the biggest we've ever seen from the galactic series after a conclusion like Avengers: Endgame, it makes sense that planning for such an ambitious project has started so early. Now that we know who will be writing the script for Secret Wars, some fans will have plenty of time to cool off as the announcement was made more than three years before the movie's debut.

Michael Waldron, who wrote the scripts for the first season of the MCU series Loki and 2022's inaugural Marvel production Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will compose the screenplay for the movie.
The announcement has drawn criticism for the latter credit because many people attributed Multiverse of Madness' underwhelming critical reception to the script.

Others felt compelled to point out that Waldron had two weeks to complete Multiverse of Madness, which would prompt anyone with even a passing familiarity with writing to give him a lot of leeway.

Many critics appear to be overlooking Waldron's scripts for the highly regarded Loki series, which featured the utterly captivating season finale.

Love him or hate him, there's no doubting that Waldron, given his prior involvements with Marvel Studios, has the greatest experience when it comes to writing for the MCU's multiverse events. And if he had plenty of free time, he might be able to write one of the saga's most thrilling scripts.

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