After the most recent social media incident, Kanye West has officially cancelled.

After the most recent social media incident, Kanye West has officially cancelled.

Kanye West is once again making news for his actions and remarks, but this time his most recent remarks may result in the artist's total cancellation. He began by appearing in a highly contentious sweater at a fashion show with the text "White Lives Matter," which of course ignited the internet as many people perceived that to be wholly opposed to the Black Lives Matter campaign. The rapper and business magnate also tweeted, "I'm gonna death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE," but that tweet has already been removed.
In light of the fact that Kanye West has already been dropped from an episode of Uninterrupted The Shop, the last statement he made may be what ultimately leads to his complete cancellation. Uninterrupted The Shop is a YouTube programme where well-known athletes and celebrities are invited to engage in difficult discussions and engage in constructive discourse; however, Mr. West's episode has since been removed. We have decided not to air this episode or any of Kanye's comments, according to The Shop. The Shop welcomes serious debate and dissenting viewpoints, but we will never permit the promotion of hate on our channels. We have zero tolerance for hate speech of any type.
"I take full responsibility for believing Kanye desired a different discourse and apologise to our guests and crew," the Shop statement said. There should never be a place for hate speech. Although we are not quite sure what Kanye West said on the programme, given his recent tweet targeting individuals of Jewish origin, we would assume that he had a lot more to say on the matter and that his episode was later pulled as a result of his remarks.
Over the past few years, Kanye West has said a number of contentious things that now appear to be finally catching up with him. On the well-known celebrity programme TMZ, he came under fire for saying that slavery was a "choice." People can no longer support the sentiments or ideology that West is beginning to discuss as a result of these statements taken as a whole. Aside from the possibility of him returning to the Tucker Carlson show, we would anticipate that more of his scheduled appearances may be postponed in the upcoming weeks.

Kanye West was once the biggest hip-hop artist in the world, and he also rose to prominence in the fashion industry. However, as a result of his more recent outbursts and comments, many of those chances may be coming to an end for him. Adidas has long been a partner of his, but after the release of his "White Lives Matter" sweater, it was revealed that the relationship was "under review." This prompted West to lash out on Twitter, where he asserted that the business had nonetheless stolen his ideas and designs.

Whatever remarks Kanye West said on The Shop, it looks that he is encouraging hate speech even though he may believe that he is using his right to free speech. No one will put up with that hate speech, especially considering the geopolitical climate that the world is currently experiencing. The Shop and Adidas are likely not the only businesses that are going to distance themselves from the contentious rapper; in fact, he may find himself completely dropped in the coming weeks.

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