After ending her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is already making a comeback.

After ending her daytime talk show, Ellen DeGeneres is already making a comeback.

In May 2022, "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" aired its final episode after more than two decades on NBC. "What a beautiful, beautiful ride that we have been on together," host Ellen DeGeneres addressed the audience during her farewell monologue. "If it has raised you up while you're in a period of some form of anguish, some type of misery — anything that you're going through — then I have done my job." The daytime programme, which showed the comedian's loving and unique humour, has been a staple on television for years and earned a remarkable 61 Daytime Emmy Awards in total.
Following the termination of her talk show, DeGeneres sat down with the Los Angeles Times and discussed her intentions for the future. During the interview, the stand-up comic said that she would be taking time "to sit and ponder," per the advice she received from Oprah Winfrey. However, it seems DeGeneres is ready to leap back in the saddle as she has just announced major plans to walk back into the spotlight.
Since the cancellation of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," fans of the daytime talker have been pining for Ellen DeGeneres to make a return to the public eye. "I miss the Ellen show. It was very wonderful," one fan tweeted. While another Twitter user another commented, "I know it's been incredibly hard and personally, I've been having a really terrible go with it, and I know you're always telling me I'm so strong, but I really miss 'The Ellen Show.'"
Now, the wait is over, as DeGeneres is gearing up to launch a new media initiative, which will stream on her YouTube account. "You know, lately I've been taking some time just for myself, away from the cameras," the comedian said in a teaser. "And I've been having such a great time, I thought I would share some of what I've been doing with you. And so I said, 'Portia, get the camera,' so I praised Portia for doing this. Great job, thus far."

DeGeneres' new online series, "About Time for Yourself ... with Ellen," will be a docu-style comedy and will follow the former talk show host as she seeks to master new hobbies and abilities, according to E! News. The show premieres on October 22, with fresh episodes streaming weekly on DeGeneres' YouTube account.

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