After a DoorDash driver leaves a Chic-fil-A order in a tree, TikToker becomes popular.

After a DoorDash driver leaves a Chic-fil-A order in a tree, TikToker becomes popular.

The DoorDash client Aaron described the strange encounter he had with his driver in a video that has amassed nearly 500,000 views on YouTube. In the video, he remarked, "Count your days, DoorDash.

Aaron showed the driver screenshots of his messages. He claimed to have received a delivery notification for his item, but he was unable to locate it.

"Where did you leave the order?" I asked. He texted the driver, "I can't find it. The driver answered, "Tree."

Why does that signify that? In the video, Aaron enquired as to whether the location of his order was close to his residence.
The driver replied, "Dude go f**k yourself you f**king d*ck," and then yelled at the customer to bring his meal outside while yelling at him.

On the opposite side of his apartment building, according to Aaron, he discovered the order hidden in a tree. Aaron texted the driver, "Dude, I'm just trying to get my breakfast."

The DoorDash driver then attacked him for leaving a gratuity of just $1.50 when the order was placed. "I'm almost ready to leave this terrible job. You're fortunate to have even received your meal, the driver allegedly wrote. Who the f**k eats breakfast at Chick-fil-A? Get some eggs and bacon and make a proper breakfast by going to the store.
Aaron claimed to have consumed his Chick-fil-A meal despite receiving a refund. It was a risk, he declared.
One user commented, "For $1.50 tip you deserve this and more." Another person said, "I would have given that guy more for being so humorous.

"I would have acted similarly." I abhor rushing into apartments. It's extremely difficult, especially for a $1.59 tip, said a third user. "I'm on the side of the dashers. $1.50!?!" said another.

However, several people recounted their own unsatisfactory interactions with DoorDash.

"Nah fr. One customer remarked, "I tipped 20% on a $20 order and they dropped it on the side of the road down the block.. like why.
"DD has delivered my meal to the incorrect building numerous times! Another person said, "Last time the guy yelled at me, 'What's the problem, I put it by apartment 3803?'"

“Someone did this to me but with a random shrub, then got furious cause I complained it wasn’t delivered and she lost the money,” a third wrote.

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