After Hoda Kotb shared personal news with Jenna Bush Hager today, fans got chills.

After Hoda Kotb shared personal news with Jenna Bush Hager today, fans got chills.

The fourth hour of Today on Monday began with a brief summary of the most recent news. One of the highlights referred to October as the start of "cuffing season," which Merriam Webster defines as "a time when single people start looking for short-term relationships to get through the colder months of the year." This led to a discussion about forgoing dating apps and relying instead on close friends and family to help locate a mate. Jenna couldn't hide her joy when Hoda said she would allow Jenna to set her up on a blind date.

Hoda said on the programme, "OK, I want to be set up." “What?!” Jenna answered. Wow, I'm getting chills. I'm willing to take on that challenge.
As viewers are aware, Hoda made the announcement that she and her ex-fiance Joel Schiffman were ending their engagement back in January. The two disclosed that they will continue to be friends and co-parent their daughters, Haley Joy and Hope Catherine, after an eight-year relationship.
The author of I Really Needed This Today continued by saying that because of their long connection, she feels comfortable letting Jenna set her up. She explained to Jenna, "Because you know me and I trust you. "If you didn't know who I was... I wouldn't say yes if we were faking and anchoring. But you are aware of me.

Naturally, Jenna wasn't the only one who was shocked and delighted by the personal news. Numerous viewers of Today instantly posted their opinions in the Instagram comments area of the programme. “YES!! I also have chills. GO JBH!! #FindForHoda," one user commented. "I adore this! Find her a fantastic partner, Jenn," the other said. "Jenna, you've got this! You deserve praise, Hoda! You go, ladies!" exclaimed another supporter.
Who will Jenna choose for Hoda, then? We'll have to wait to see if the Today show mentions it. The television journalist, however, is confident that they will obtain a complete, whole account of her.

Hoda said to People in August, "I've had past loves, and I feel like I'll have future loves." "Love can enter your life after you fully understand who you are. You know how they say that as you age, you become more self-aware? I believe that if someone meets me today, they will meet me in person."

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