According to Kanye West, the concept for Django Unchained was his.

According to Kanye West, the concept for Django Unchained was his.

Kanye West has recently made headlines for a variety of reasons, from the unbelievable to the unsavoury, but his most recent claim has elicited the most sceptic response imaginable from the internet. In his now-famous interview with Piers Morgan, the musician claimed that while he was working with Academy Award winner Foxx on the video, the two men allegedly stole his idea and turned it into the smash hit blockbuster.

"Tarantino can create a movie about slavery where he and Jamie really got the idea from me since the Django idea was something I offered to Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino as the video for "Gold Digger," and Tarantino then turned it into a movie."
However, it didn't take long for social media to become flooded with reactions to Ye's most recent public outburst. Many of the sceptics pointed out that while Tarantino first began talking about the project that would eventually become Django in 2007 (admittedly after "Gold Digger"), Foxx wouldn't be cast as the lead until four years later - and that was after the director's original choice Will Smith had declined the part.

Foxx and Tarantino haven't yet replied to Ye's allegations, but we're curious to hear what they have to say if and when one is made.

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