Abhinav Jaiswal (Abby J) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Abhinav Jaiswal (Abby J) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


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Music definitely adds color to life. Music is full of varieties and one variety which is synonymous to passion and energy is 'rap'. When we think of rap, we Indias think of Badshah and Honey Singh and more sophisticated types love Eminem. Among a thronging mass of world-shaking rappers, is emerging a fresh bud, although small but power-packed and full of promise. This promising rap-star is the one we are going to meet now. Abby J is a rapidly emerging and growing rapper and a very creative songwriter and performer. Spontaneity and awesomeness are trademarks of awesome Abby J. So, let us awaken the rapper in us and get ready for a fast and peppy journey of rapid-fire words strung in rhythm and style.

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Our stylish Abhinav Jaiswal was born on 25 May 1991 to Lieutenant Nirmal Jaiswal and Homemaker Anita Jaiswal in the happening town of  Mirzapur  in Uttar Pradesh. He had his schooling in Sindhi Hindi Junior College, Nagpur. He graduated from the respectable Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management and Research. His happening, naughty, and fun-filled childhood was made even more vibrant in the sweet company of his sister Ayushi Jaiswal. 

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Unfortunately, nothing much is known about his hot and killer looks. All one can do is to gauge his awesome looks somehow listening to his lovable and addictive voice in rap songs. Of all that is known of him is the fact that he is 5'8" tall and is a Virgo who is still single. 

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His love affair with music is no recent event. He was hardly 7 years old when he was awestruck by the magic of music. While kids his age were busy goofing around watching cartoon shows, he was fixated only on music. He watched only music shows and even got roughened up by his parents for the overindulgence. But, maybe it was this over-indulgence which turned into a passion and made him what he is today.
There was a prestigious and high octane all India rapping competition called Hashtag rozormera swag which was conducted by great rapper Badshah in association with Yamaha. Here was the big moment for Abby J as he clinched the first place all over India. This was a huge success. Coming from a totally non-musical background, Abby J feels that his talent is totally god-gifted. The huge success made him accept this fact and further motivated him in his musical journey. Since 2016, our 29-year-old musician started following his passion passionately. He also successfully runs a group called Urban Beats Production House, where his team makes music, writes lyrics, does pre-production, and postproduction of music videos as per the client requirements.

However, he has a correct blend of madness and practicality which made him take up a job in the famous Tata Consultancy Services. He earns his livelihood and follows his musical madness side by side. He is not short of work and his future project includes raps and songs like Weed Anthem, Party Anthem, Jammu Wali, Nain Hathiyaar, and many more. 

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Our dashing dude has many hidden talents beyond music. He tells that it is a lesser-known secret that he is a great cook.  Also, he is a maniac food lover. Although he doesn't smoke, he occasionally loves entering into Devdas mode (Just kidding. He is an occasional drinker). Somehow, he is mathematically bent. When asked about his formula for a happy life he was quick to offer his cute quadratic equation, 
Smile^2 + 2×Positivity + Living your dreams = A happy life. Our rap star has never been the meek and disciplined type and had a childhood full of naughty tales. One epic episode involves Abby J getting caught red-handed watching 'Fashion TV' at night by his family. His biggest dream is to establish himself as a great rapper and also to earn lots of money and a sports car. He believes that the greatest quality of a rapper is his voice texture and songwriting ability. He says that a good rapper should have Ras, Bhaav and Alankar of the content he is making songs/raps about. If words are kept in a zone, it uplifts the song to some extent. Although people say that he has a style typical of Eminem, he himself feels that the ones who inspire his style are Badshah, Ikka, Raftar, and Honey Singh.

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Can it be more apt?
Than to sing him as rap?
One hell of a rocker is this man
Blow off your mind, he can
Music, rhythm and feelings swell
He composes and does so well
He spuns  music lovely
He creates creation lively
With energy and enthu, you he zaps
You are wonderstruck by his raps
Let us welcome this musician great
And fall in love with what he creates

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