Aarohi Singh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Aarohi Singh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


If you ever dream of becoming extraordinarily rich and pretty fast,  there is one thing you must learn quickly and should definitely take stock of. Yes, you got it right - The stock market. And the intelligentsia which helps millions in learning about this art of stock managing and getting richer is the 'stock market trader'. Today, INFOSAURS is bringing for you, an extremely intelligent stock market trader who coincidentally, also happens to be an extremely beautiful actor and very effective social media influencer. Aarohi Singh is the multi-talented persona who is an established stock market trader, an incredible actor and an impactful social media influencer. 

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Admirable Aarohi Singh was born on 16.04.1993 to the lovely Mrs Sunita Singh and a thorough gentleman, late Mr Manoj Kumar Singh in the magical city of Mumbai. Her delightful brother Dilip and sweet sisters Avantika, Ritu and Sunaina were the stars of her galaxy where she shone brightly in the happy sky of her childhood. Their family is a family full of fun, laughter and love. That's how, happily and healthily, Aarohi grew up in Mumbai. Her wonderful and strong educational background was laid in K. K. Raj Popat School and V.W.A. High School in Mumbai. After passing out from school, Aarohi graduated from Valia College of Commerce. And now that she was well equipped with empowering education and qualifications, she was all set to spread her wings and take off. 

aarohi singh childhood pic

Aarohi Singh's Childhood pic

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Aarohi Singh with her mom

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Aarohi Singh is an angel straight from heaven. She has a pretty and oval-shaped face with remarkable features. A slightly upturned nose with nasal wing size on a higher side gives her a distinct and confident appearance. Aarohi has beguiling brown eyes and Ash blonde hair which flow up till her waist. 5'3" tall Aarohi, weighing just 58 kg has an impressive figure reading 35-27-38. Awesome Aarohi flaunts a beautiful tattoo on her back which reads the name of her 'someone special'. 

The Golden Girl


Before revealing anything about her career, Aarohi always thanks her parents to whom she credits all her success. Since childhood, Aarohi wanted to do something big and live her life on her own terms. She was always attracted and fascinated by the entertainment industry and being a commerce student, she also wanted to make a mark in the field of finance. She worked as a Bank Process Outsourcing (BPO) executive by night and during day, she worked hard as a salesgirl in a home appliances stores. As a commerce student, she was well equipped with the art of multiplying the riches. So, she starting investing all my salary in the stock market. A fine business mind, Aarohi clearly knows that investments are more important than savings. Gradually, her investment grew over the years. She soon took up stock market trading. Aarohi also turned to Instagram where she became hugely popular. She commands and enjoys a giant following of over 433k+. Due to her amazingly good looks and great acting skills, she has bagged roles in some music videos which are lined up this year. Aarohi is a firm believer of destiny and god and always stays thankful to him. She feels that God has given her a lot more than she deserves. Such a devoted being she is. Great misfortune struck Aarohi when she lost her loving father in 2010. Currently, her mother is the centre of her existence. Aarohi who is earning handsomely is well settled and career-wise she is well placed to taste greater and greater successes.



Aarohi is affectionately known as Dimple. Dashing dimple loves watching movies, drawing inspiration out of them. The comic sensation 'Phir Hera Pheri' is a movie close to her heart. 'Scam 1992' is one web series which entertains her a lot. Arjun Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai are her favourite actors. She totally enjoys good food and Chinese is her favourite. This colourful and vibrant personality prefers the colours 'Black' and 'White'. For travelling, Aarohi picks London as her favourite destination. However, for residence, Mumbai is the best. Apart from acting and investment, in which she excels, Dimple really enjoys reading and singing. It is a secret and possibly a source of inspiration that this incredibly successful diva had flunked one of her courses in graduation. Her greatest good habit is being an early riser. Her weakness is 'poor listening skills'. Aarohi always nourishes and respects her body and hence, there is no smoking or alcohol consumption. Her funda for a happy life is 'Live and let live'. 

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Her childhood is full of sweet and naughty memories. She used to be curious and just break toys to know them inside out. To feel how it feels to be a bird, she used to climb trees and sit on branches. Also, she always fought with her brother over the T.V. remote. The dream of this diva is to become the biggest stock market trader. She has always loved the entertainment industry and being the centre of attention. This inspired her to be an actor. She has a unique talent. She can snap (chutkee) using her little finger!  It is a delightful news, that this self-made star has recently bought her own house. And that will be all as far as trivia is concerned.

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A little girl Mumbaikar, dreamt to shake the world 
So, into a success journey, herself she quickly hurled 
An Instagram phenomenon,  
Her followers touch half a million mark 
Such is the grand achievement  
Of the journey she'd embarked 
Not merely a Barbie, she is a sharp mind 
Ruling the stock markets, 
She wins riches of all kinds 
Both in acting and finance, Aarohi rocks 
She is beautiful angel, with amazing stocks 
May Aarohi's acting keep growing 
And so do her shares 
May she grow greater 
Than she could ever care

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