AOC was criticised for dancing along to the protesters chants of AOC has to go while attending a NYC town hall gathering.

AOC was criticised for dancing along to the protesters chants of AOC has to go while attending a NYC town hall gathering.

At a heated town hall meeting, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was captured on camera dancing to the chants of anti-government demonstrators, "AOC has gotta go."

On Wednesday night, protesters accosted the congresswoman during a town hall meeting in Queens.


Throughout, she remained seated on a stage and kept grinning, even when one irate woman appeared ready to explode with wrath and screamed herself to exhaustion from the audience.

Despite AOC's well-known progressive tendencies, the demonstrators opposing her candidacy contend that she has drifted too far from her initial anti-elitist stance and changed into one of the elected officials she was chosen to replace.
I can't even begin to express how much it turns me on when AOC talks like this, he playfully wrote.

Some reprimanded the member in office for her apparent disrespect for the opinions of the voters who elected her.

You were heckled by your own supporters the other night, and you just started dancing and insulting them? Hopefully they're actually waking up and will vote you out of office when they realise you haven't passed a single item of legislation for them or anyone else. Brent Smith wrote.

You are an embarrassment and a disgrace, sitting there "dancing" at your town hall meeting instead of addressing the very important issues people are bringing, commented a user going by the handle @nashland. You find war amusing?

Moms for Liberty cofounder Tiffany Justice wrote: "Any good leader would be considerate when dealing with citizens who are dissatisfied with their leadership." Not this lady.

Watch as AOC sits with her legs spread wide and her mouth hanging out, mocking her supporters as they urge her to resign from government. Gross, she uttered.

AOC remarked to one of the crowd members, "Very classy, thank you Sir," as the noise level in the room increased.
AOC has a history of confronting opponents, but this is the first time she has done so through dancing.

She said in a recent interview with GQ that the nation's animosity toward "women of colour" was the cause of her concern that she might not make it to September.

"People enquire about the future," I am told. She told the glitzy magazine, "Realistically, I can't even tell you if I'll be living in September.

However, according to the criticisms of some of her people, she may be having problems upholding the claim that she is "the political voice of a generation—and a cultural figure whose power transcends politics."

The progressive politician has recently endured jeers for her activities in Washington, DC during a second town hall forum.

She received jeers in a Bronx town hall last week. Her decision to provide more military assistance to Ukraine drew criticism from her former backers.

He yelled, "You voted to mobilise and fund Ukrainian Nazis."

"You have taken no action. He said, "Where you've shown fear, Tulsi Gabbard has shown guts,' alluding to the former Democratic presidential candidate's announcement last week that she was leaving the party.

As the congresswoman asked the men to wait their turn because there appeared to be a line of people waiting to ask AOC questions, the disruption was received with a mixture of shouting and clapping.

However, some Twitter users criticised the politician for her "humiliating actions" after her Tuesday night dance presentation.
The outspoken politician has received criticism for her actions from members of her own party on numerous occasions during her relatively short stint in Congress, and this criticism is becoming more frequent.

She has reportedly established a name for herself in the world of high fashion and has appeared on the covers of magazines like Vanity Fair and GQ as well.

She walked the Met Gala red carpet in a couture gown last September, with the words "tax the rich" written in red lettering on the back. She reportedly received complimentary dinner tickets from the museum, valued at about $10,000, to the opulent event.

Her official website started selling hoodies with the same slogan as her daring, Vogue-approved ensemble for roughly $60 after she debuted it on the red carpet.

From her opulent residence in DC's Navy Yard district, the public worker, who earns a six-figure salary, routinely engages her 8.6 million Instagram followers in live video chats.

She has regularly been listed among the least effective members of Congress, which feeds into the argument of her opponents despite her great promises to change the rules in Washington and for the American people.

The congresswoman has never introduced a "substantive" piece of legislation that has advanced past the introduction stage, according the nonpartisan Center for Effective Lawmaking. And this is true despite the capital's Democratic party being united for the previous two years.

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