A star of "Americas Got Talent" who was paralysed in a stunt insists that he did nothing improper.

A star of "Americas Got Talent" who was paralysed in a stunt insists that he did nothing improper.

Jonathan Goodwin, a daredevil who nearly lost his life while practising for "American's Got Talent: Extreme" last year, is certain that he had nothing to do with the terrible tragedy that left him crippled.

A fan explicitly questioned the stuntman during an Instagram Q&A about whether the tragedy happened as a result of a "improper setup" or a misstep on his part. The 42-year-old Jonathan retorted, "I didn't do anything wrong."

It is unknown if he holds the set up responsible, but it is obvious that he feels he carried out his stunt as planned.
In preparation for a risky action he intended to pull off on the reality TV show last year, Jonathan spent the year training hanging upside down between two swinging automobiles and breaking out of a straight jacket. Jonathan is shown on video evading capture while trapped between the two swinging, dangling automobiles.

Many believed he was dead at the time of the incident, and things certainly seemed dismal. Jonathan was paralysed but lived. He's currently limited to a wheelchair.

"He fell 30 feet, breaking both shoulder blades, losing a kidney, and shattering both legs. Third-degree burns, a broken spine, a spinal cord amputation, and almost death. His fiance, Sherlock, said, "And then, on the operating table, he almost died again." "At the time, the actress Amanda Abbington commented. He "will be like that forever until there is some form of stem cell operation, or the thing that Elon Musk is creating with the little chip,"

Jonathan remembered offering Amanda a "Get Out of Jail Free" card if she wanted to end the relationship despite knowing that he would never walk again, he revealed on Britain's "Lorraine" She remained by his side at the time, and she still does.
Jonathan was asked whether he had any advice for folks going through "tough" circumstances in another Instagram query. He wrote, "After uploading a vintage photo from the hospital, "Continue to be present. Don't try to predict the future or worry about the past. Enjoy each day, each hour, and each minute as it comes. If you require assistance, ask."

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