A popular comic book series second season on Netflix had its first photos released.

A popular comic book series second season on Netflix had its first photos released.

Warrior Nun fans were given some welcome news today as Netflix said that new episodes would be arriving sooner rather than later and also shared a few first-look images from the upcoming season.
Fans were given a teaser trailer for the next season back in June, but there was no firm release date. The drama, which made its streaming service premiere in 2020, is about a young woman named Ava who strangely wakes up after passing away and discovers the world is drastically changed now.
"In a morgue, a 19-year-old woman awakens with a new lease on life and a heavenly relic buried deep in her back. She learns that she is now a member of the venerable Order of the Cruciform Sword, which was established to combat demons on Earth, and that strong forces from both heaven and hell are out to get her.

Warriors Nun fans, the new episodes are fantastic and there are lots coming your way (sooner than you may think...), Netflix tweeted on Tuesday. Here is a sneak preview of Season 2 for now.

In the images, the celebrity Alba Baptista can be seen in a variety of situations, such as chatting with a statue, evading a frightening-looking demon, and preparing for fight with chain mail covering her face.

Two years ago, the series, which is based on a hugely well-liked comic book by Ben Dunn, came to an abrupt end. The teaser trailer, which essentially repeated the previous chapters of the tale, wasn't any better.

Warrior Nun's first season is presently available for streaming. Once we know when season 2 will be released, we'll let you know.

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