A body language expert explains why nobody believes Amber Heard.

A body language expert explains why nobody believes Amber Heard.

In an enlightening video by Behavioral Arts, the truth is revealed through body language and behaviour in the case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Why is it so difficult to believe what Amber says, one wonders?

Let's examine what the body language specialist taught us in this episode that makes it difficult to accept Amber Heard.
Multiple verbal, vocal, or nonverbal behavioural alterations that take place concurrently or simultaneously make up a cluster of deceit.
While one deception clue might not be sufficient to distinguish between a lie and the truth, it is the occurrence of multiple ones that is significant.

Examples comprise:

Touching the face
The hit around the nose gets worse when people lie. We watch Amber perform this act repeatedly throughout her testimony, which is how the Pinocchio effect is measured. Naturally, she doesn't only touch her face; she also covers her mouth.

Lip Blocking
Mouth blockage and the Pinocchio effect might be somewhat related. The area around the nose and the orbital muscle in the inner corner of the eye both become warmer while we are lying down. It's referred to as the Pinocchio effect.

Therefore, when we speak and, in a sense, close our mouths, we are sometimes attempting to remain silent on a particular subject. However, beware since truth-tellers also do this, which may make differentiating between an honest person and a liar challenging. Again, when this happens by itself, it's possible that the person is telling the truth; however, when they happen in groups, dishonesty can be detected.

Perception Requirement
Words used to appear credible and persuade others that one is being honest when they are not are known as perception qualifiers. Generally speaking, examples include basically, honestly, sincerely, etc.

Here, where Amber says, "Sincerely, I can't recall if I did anything. If I did, I recall his grabbing me by my pyjamas. I recall his throwing me." She rarely uses the word "honestly," as we can see from her use of it.

Single-sided Shrug
As she testifies, Amber does this thing where her left shoulder shrugs. When we are uncertain or lacking information, our two shoulders often rise before falling. A shoulder does, however, tend to rise when we are not fully confident in what we are saying, as though we are aware that it is not the whole story.

Incongruous Movement
Take note of how inconsistently our bodies move as we make incongruent gestures. In this instance, the gesturing constantly changing while the same word is being spoken, therefore regardless of how many times the word is repeated, the second language learner's brain is unable to record it. And Amber does this while giving a testimony. Her movements vary constantly.

Bites lips
Amber talks while biting her lip. When people hesitate to speak up or are uncertain of their own judgement, this consistently occurs.

Overly detailed
People who are lying and those who are telling the truth but fear that others won't believe them exhibit extremely comparable verbal and nonverbal cues. It's challenging to tell the two apart. They desire to be believed, at the absolute least.
Within Her Cadence
The rising and falling rhythm that happens when reading a piece is referred to as cadence. It might be a book or a script.

The following could be seen when using Amber:

We can hear her taking deep breathes in between her phrases, which is something that most of us do when we're under stress, anxious, or panicked. It's difficult to believe she's telling the truth because she didn't appear to be at ease enough there.

Amber's Mouth Makes a Downward Motion
She makes the same sad motion she used earlier while pulling her mouth's corners down, which most people find too dramatic. She didn't seem as upset and distraught in other videos from years past as she did this time. She had an indignant expression on her face, along with a hint of distaste.

The body language analyst asserts that "we don't become more emotional. We get less emotional over time. I'd even venture to suggest that they were less affected by the occurrence.

So, given Amber's gesture, one could be inclined to speculate as to why her emotions increased at a time when she is supposed to be recovering.

People find it difficult to believe her when she says these things and other things.

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