8 Benefits of Using a VPN for IT Professionals

8 Benefits of Using a VPN for IT Professionals

Most jobs today require Internet usage, and with the increasing digitization, this trend is only becoming more pervasive. Among all the roles, IT positions are highly involved in this transformation. Various software products that operate online, such as smartphone apps and office mail clients, are susceptible to a wide range of Internet threats. Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a potent defensive tool. Now you will find out what a VPN is good for IT.

VPN advantages for IT Professionals

#1 Testing Websites and Apps

Developers have a crucial responsibility to ensure the accessibility of their website or application across multiple countries. However, this task can be challenging, expensive, and risky if it involves traveling or granting access to third parties for testing. Fortunately, VPNs offer a convenient solution. The top-rated VPN providers have servers worldwide, allowing you to test your work from various regions. For developers constantly working on projects for different clients, opting for a service with lifetime accounts can significantly save time and effort.

#2 Unblocking Sites & Bypassing Blocks

When traveling for business internationally, one might encounter limitations in accessing familiar websites. China and certain other countries have imposed stringent Internet usage regulations on their citizens. Thankfully, VPN software tools come to the rescue, providing a feasible solution to this hurdle.

Whether it's accessing corporate files or enjoying your preferred series on Netflix, VPNs act as the ultimate workaround for geo-restrictions. Good VPN unblock websites in a couple of moments. To return access websites, it is enough to switch to a suitable VPN server. We actively use this web unblocker - VeePN.

#3 Supports remote workers

Development teams are rarely confined to a single location, often scattered across various cities, countries, and even continents. Consequently, the ability to securely transfer data and information across multiple networks becomes crucial for these teams.

While remote work theoretically allows individuals to work from anywhere, there are significant risks involved, particularly when relying on potentially insecure WiFi networks found in cafes or co-working spaces. However, with a VPN, team members can eliminate concerns related to public networks. This technology ensures that all Internet traffic remains encrypted and well-protected.

#4 Security when Using Public Wi-Fi

When using public Wi-Fi hotspots, it's important to be aware of potential security risks. One common threat is impostor networks, which mimic legitimate hotspots in an attempt to deceive users and steal their data.

Another issue to watch out for is man-in-the-middle attacks, where a third party intercepts the data you share with a website, potentially compromising sensitive information like credit card details. To stay safe when connecting to the free Internet, consider using a reliable VPN.

#5 Anonymity and Safety

It is crucial to note that utilizing a browser's incognito mode does not effectively conceal your IP address from third parties. Despite this, they still retain the ability to intercept and acquire your sensitive data. To mitigate these risks, employing a VPN provides an additional layer of anonymity and data protection. With the help of a VPN, you can freely navigate web applications and websites while maintaining complete anonymity.

#6 Protects intellectual property

Web development encompasses much more than simply writing lines of code. It involves the creation of websites, apps, and various intellectual property that necessitates safeguarding. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) plays a crucial role in protecting intellectual property by encrypting data and concealing the IP address.

#7 Data Encryption

Data breaches have unfortunately become quite common as hackers persistently attempt to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information for their own gain. Web developers, in particular, often have access to a variety of sensitive data such as customer information and patents. If, by any chance, this information were to be exposed to the public, it could result in dire and far-reaching consequences.

Thankfully, a VPN offers a solution by providing data encryption for all incoming and outgoing data on devices. For example, VeePN's free Chrome VPN extension offers military-grade 256-bit encryption. This means that any sensitive data passing through the devices used by the development team will remain safeguarded and inaccessible to malicious threat actors.

#8 Remote Access

Nowadays, it has become increasingly important for staff to be available round the clock. In addition, teleworking arrangements have made remote work possible. By using a VPN, employees can easily access the data they require no matter where they are.

This particular feature holds significant value for business travelers. A VPN enables you to select from a variety of locations within your own country and even overseas. Consequently, it greatly contributes to improving overall efficiency within the company.


Developers can enjoy a myriad of benefits by using a VPN. Prioritize the safety of your crucial projects by ensuring you have the reliable protection of a VPN. A high-quality VPN not only safeguards your data but also facilitates competitor research and enhances your credibility and reputation with clients.

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