4 Best Hair Styling Tools | Somya Gupta (thesassthing_)

4 Best Hair Styling Tools | Somya Gupta (thesassthing_)

Beauty is subjective. Definitely it lies in the eyes of the beholder. But some features are in general pleasing to eye. A well built body and a radiant and nourished face are attractive. There is but another aspect which can turn the heads (either toward or away!) That is hair. Those silky, long, flowy threads of blackness which do their significant bit in creating an ever-lasting impression of your beauty!

So, it is of utmost significance that you not only take best care of but also mould your precious hair in the latest fashion and style trends. To help you in this delicate matter, we are here with some incredible hair-styling products. And since, actions speak louder than words, a living example is worth hundreds of claims! Who can be a better presenter of hair-styling products than an angel with gorgeous hair sparking divinity?

somya gupta
Meet Somya Gupta, an other-worldy princess who has positively impacted the lives of about a million followers. Operating the Insta-handle TheSassThing_, Somya delightfully offers so many beauty and fashion tips that it is impossible to watch her videos and not end up a little more beautiful. The way she talks, moves, gesticulates and smiles! it gets really easy to grasp the complex principles of grooming and self-care.

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So, it is this exquisite beauty Somya, who after having tried and tested them, strongly suggests and recommends these phenomenal hair-styling products! So, don't miss your chance and go grab them all.


1. SYSKA Hair Straightener Brush: Gives you natural-looking straight hair, really easy & quick to use. 

This hairbrush straightener comes with rapid heating technology which will take just 90 s to straighten your hair. Easily, the temperature may be adjusted at 80-230 C. Also, there is an automatic turn-off system to prevent overheating when the brush is idle. With its easy 360° swivel feature, you can reach anywhere on your hair and quickly get the perfect hair straightening you desire and also deserve. This mind-blowing product comes at a budget rate of Rs.1339.

SYSKA Hair Straightener Brush

2. SYSKA HC850 SalonPro Hair Curler: For bouncy voluminous hair (thick curls). 

Tired of plain boring hair? Want some lovely waves and curls? This is the perfect product for you. High-temperature-resistant metal-coated tong. You simply clamp to hold the hair & get desired curls easily. With a 25 mm tong, get as bouncy curls as you fancy. Suit your comfort by choosing among 5 temperatures. Enjoy the 360° Swivel cord for a tangle-free experience.
All this heavenly experience will be yours for just Rs. 2230.

SYSKA HC850 SalonPro Hair Curler

3. ALAN TRUMAN The Blow Brush: A blow-drying tool, lets you easily dry & style your hair.

This brush offers smooth and tug-resistant bristles that work magically through your hair releasing just the right amount of tension to give life to your hair without the need for any external products/serum.
Enjoy a more than perfect blow-out with this all-in-one tool that styles remove frizz, and keeps hair smooth and shiny - and in the blink of an eye.
Own this magic wand just for Rs.2900.

ALAN TRUMAN The Blow Brush

4. ALAN TRUMAN Chopstick curler: For small tight curls.

Know this ultra-thin curling wand, magic wants designed to get you the lovely curls you've always desired. It is designed to give you a better grip and more contact surface when you style, curl, & wave. It is a multi-styler that you can use to create several different styles depending upon the amount of hair you take per section, the way you wrap hair around the stick & the amount of time you allow it to style with the heat. So, what's the waiting for?
Make yours, this miracle for just Rs. 1924.

ALAN TRUMAN Chopstick curler

So, without much ado, blindly trust these lovely hair-stylers endorsed by the sensationally beautiful Somya and believe me, you will never be at loss. So, dress up, style your hair, and just like sweet Somya, be all set to charm the world.

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