$400K Cadillac to WWE Office: Brock Lesnar’s Destruction is Priceless

$400K Cadillac to WWE Office: Brock Lesnar’s Destruction is Priceless

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012 as a real beast. He left the company in 2004 after WrestleMania 20 and went to embrace his nickname ‘The Next Big Thing’ when he joined UFC

Lesnar made an impressive career in UFC with a win/loss record of 5-3 and one match ending in no result out of his nine matches. After returning, ‘The Beast’ has won the Universal Championship thrice and also the WWE Championship on several occasions.

However, since returning to WWE, Brock Lesnar has not only been a part of destruction during matches. He has also been a part of backstage segments destroying other things.

What are the things Brock Lesnar has destroyed in WWE?

Over the years, we have seen Brock Lesnar involved in segments in which he has destroyed various things other than WWE superstars. He has broken laptops, cars, locker rooms, etc on live WWE shows. Since Brock Lesnar debuted, he has destroyed multiple things in WWE. Let’s shed a light on those moments:- 

1) Locker Room Wall

Brock Lesnar spent most of the time of his first run in WWE on SmackDown. On the 21st November episode of SmackDown after Survivor Series, an angry Lesnar broke the locker room wall. After getting double-crossed by Paul Heyman and losing the WWE Title to The Big Show, The Beast was angry and nobody dared to go near him. 

However, Matt Hardy went ahead to talk, but Lesnar picked him up and threw him against the wall. This resulted in Hardy landing in the next locker room breaking the wall.

2) The Miz TV set up

On the 4th February episode of RAW, Brock Lesnar destroyed The Miz TV set up in the ring. Prior to that week, Lesnar had F-5ed Vince McMahon, which resulted in The Chairman suffering a broken hip. The Beast destroyed everything after The Miz pushed The Beast Incarnate for interrupting his show.

3) Triple H’s Office

In 2013, Brock Lesnar was in a high-profile feud with Triple H. This feud saw The Beast and his advocate Paul Heyman hijacking Hunter’s office. Lesnar broke each and everything in the office.

Paul Heyman on the May 6th, 2013 episode of RAW shared the video of Brock Lesnar breaking laptop computers in Triple H’s office, Also, The Beast broke the table with a sledgehammer in Hunter’s office, and also the WWE logo, and the TV that was present in the office.

4) J&J Security’s Cadillac

On the July 6th, 2015 episode of RAW Seth Rollins gifted J&J Security with a brand new red Cadillac. The Cadillac was worth $55,860, and this made the J&J security go over the moon. However, their happiness was only till the end of the show.

Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins were feuding at the time over the WWE Heavyweight Title. The Beast wanted to send a message to Rollins, and he indeed sent an expensive one to the Architect. Lesnar, with an axe, demolished the brand new red Cadillac single-handedly in minutes.

5) Roman Reigns’ SUV

A few months ago, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar were feuding over the WWE and Universal title. Prior to WrestleMania 38, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ tried to demolish ‘The Tribal Chief’ backstage. 

Lesnar drove a forklift through the SUV of Roman Reigns. ‘The Bloodline’ was inside the SUV at the time, but The Usos, Reigns and Paul Heyman made it out of the car in time.

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